Peter A. Lang, Artist 

Peter A. Lang

A sight impaired artist from Phoenix, Arizona working in oils.  See the world through his eyes today, because tomorrow he will see it differently.


The artist painted actively as a child, teen and young adult becoming primarily an abstract expressionist working in oil. In the late 1990s, his sight deteriorated; he began having difficulty focusing, distinguishing or blending color, and moving from the palette to canvas. His eyesight became his enemy and angrily he retired his brushes. 


By 2009, he realized the foolishness of leaving paint. The long hiatus made him less confident and his eyesight was even worse--like he had lost 30 years.  He began with decorative pieces, pride aside, to find his brushstrokes and method. 


Painting is a slow process for him now. But, it is again his great consolation, his mistress and his vision.